Kodi On The Fire Stick


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⭐Kodi is the ultimate entertainment center software. Supporting all the main video formats including stream-able online media, Kodi allows you to completely change the whole appearance of the interface with skins. The real power of Kodi comes from the vast selection of user created third party Add-ons like Covenant, Placenta, Genesis Reborn, Exodus, Poseidon, Gurzil, Vader streams, Nemesis, Oculus, Players Club, Uranus, F4M Tester, Chronos, Maverick, Yoda, Neptune rising, Ccloud, BBC iPlayer, Rebirth and many others.

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  1. I have asked this question before and got no response from you, I installed Popcorn from your store following all directions and it works fine. On my Firestick TV I have a SD card 64gb adn have moved the app to the SD card and it still says I do not have enough memory to stream a 2gb movie and the card has 50+gb available for use! Please help…

  2. Why my downloader just shows ‘connecting” and nothing happens? Did the link ddress changed already?

  3. I wish I could’ve had you for all of my IT security classes! 👍🏾😁

  4. I says it’s not installed😬😬. Instead if saying install it say done and on the top it says app not installed??? So what am i supposed to do🤔🤔🤔🤔delete the Kodi 17.6 that i already have to download this new Kodi 18 leia🤔🤔😧😩🤷🏾

  5. Everything was gling fine until i put the code in and its not working please advise on what to do next, i appreciate your time and thanks you for these videos

    1. 858109104 is the code he says/uses(and the one that works)…different than the code he posts in the vid

  6. I’m having trouble with my Kodi saying something about the skin service error and when that pops up my Kodi freezes any pointers ?

  7. Hey. I got the Leia downloaded but when I go to install it refuses. What gives?

    1. *Update: No worries mate. I restored my stick to fac settings and it downloaded easily.

  8. With all of the stuff going on with google and Kodi and terrarium Should I really have a VPN for my fire stick? If so which do you recommend (they all want money)? Almost none of the Kodi builds are working anymore and it’s getting very frustrating. Thank you for all of your help!

  9. Is the passcode 84810914 or is it what you actually typed? Which was 85810914

  10. I have a question I have kodi 17.6 with exodus from your site but I want kodi 18. For me to get 18 do I need to delete my 17.6? If not where do I start from your video?? I’m a good customer of your store.

  11. It was working now it says items failed to play. Check log for more info.. 😩

  12. I have tried to DL this on my firestick and it keeps going to a smile survey. Should I just go to ur store instead?

  13. Anyway to update the links to watch any shows or movies cause some of them don’t work?

  14. OMG this actually worked . If my mother had the patience she could have done it. Thank you so much I was able to update her.

  15. I’m using my laptop which is connected with eithernet and I did a refresh download for kodi. I did exactly what you said until I click any 1080p like rampage it load then went back to the video list ? Any idea why ?

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  17. Love your videos brother, where can you get other add ons besides exodus for kodi 18?

  18. Is there a good build for kodi 18 thst has exodus? Or neptune rising? Preferably exodus

  19. Maaaan you are amazing!!!! Every time I watch one of your videos it ALWAYS works!!! Thank you soooo much

  20. Somehow over a week ago I tried getting ahold of you through a comment I lost my 17. 6 Krypton Kodi 3 weeks ago haven’t installed anything new yet with any success with the Kodi 17. 6 there was XXX content that is now gone how do I get that back

  21. keep getting message ” failed to install a dependency” is there a workaround

  22. why does my kodi 18 stop playing in the middle of a movie or tv show and throws me back to the home screen

  23. Love how you explain step by step. You’re the best. I tried to do my iPhone but Kodi 18 build was not available like your video. Only 17builds were there. Love your instructions. I will always look for your updates. Thank you so much.👍🏼😃

  24. Thank you for everything you got some great videos I’ve downloaded a lot of stuff which I could never do without your help thank you sir I will keep subscribing to you.

  25. I downloaded exodus 2 weeks ago and now it’s not doing anything. Is exodus still working

  26. I have the Kodi 17.6 durex build. All the add ons were already on there. I downloaded Neptune rising, and placenta. NR has all the channels I like but there seems to never be a stream available. I spend hours trying to find a working episode, especially of old shows or old episodes. Is there a way I can fix that or is it just the way it is ?

  27. I’ve been having trouble with viewing subtitles. Do you have a video for how to properly install subtitles for Exodus? If not, would you consider making one?
    Thanks! 🙏🏽

  28. Hi,
    I want to install ExpressVPN but don’t see it as an option to download. You only have Ipvanish. Can you please add it? It was a wider spectrum of countries etc.

  29. I purchased vpn but when i went to log in it said incorrect username or password ?

    1. Please contact IP vanish directly with any questions concerning their product

  30. After I put in the link to downlod Kodi “…getdroidadmin.com” and I made sure it matched yours and pressed “OK” it stays on “Connecting” … it won’t do a “File download progress” , is there a solution for this?

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  32. Do you know how to unfreeze the firestick? Mine just quit working tonight! It is frozen. I use all you videos and have suscribed

  33. i bought ip vanish but not sure what to do with it; do you have a video showing how to set it up? Thanks, Judy

  34. Hey! So my son and I are trying to download the new Kodi with your help! We’ve gotten as far as where it says to “fresh install” or “standard install” we’ve tried clicking on both options and nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated!

  35. Thank you for a great performance you make it so easy. you have a follower for ever

  36. Thank you so much, you have a great way of explaining the process. You have a follower for life

  37. Cmon I keep listening to electricians md n u don’t even have the video I used a week ago when u said take out 2018 Wut up

  38. hi, i’m adding a 2nd firestick and the filelinked wont take the code. please advise

  39. Thanks so much for your time and consideration on programing love ur store

  40. why can’t i get uk turk playlist? If I can’t get it i will uninstall this build.

  41. When I try to watch a movie, it’s pops up an error saying playback failure. What does this mean?

  42. Wow, I’m really jazzed that I was able to add Kodi through you app , was so easy . You take the time to show step by step where some others, will they dont take the time, I was able to stop and go backwards with you with out losing train of thought or confusion, Are you a teacher? if not you should be. Again you.

  43. loaded down koi 18 with Exodus. Problem is I have Megabox and I like it. Under the Exodus add-on there are several android
    builds are the taking up space on my fire stick and if so can they be uninstalled or deleted?

  44. Wi did everything you said but it did not pop up plug-in chef wizard it only said chef wizard and it said install failed

  45. Hi mine says app not installed. It has been being silly lately but i am not sure why.

  46. I’m getting an error that continues to pop up as soon as kodi is opened on my firetv. It says “Headphones disconnected.” Anyone know how to get that to go away?

  47. Is it possible to bring this add-on to 1st page where all apps are even though is not an app?

  48. When I tried doing the zip file extraction would not go through what up with it

  49. I was losing hope. You revamped it! I like exodus because it’s simple and to the point. Thanks E M.D!

  50. My Man!!!!!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    1. That’s the black guy version of, Thanks for all your hard work and dedication for filming,editing uploading and providing links and great thorough information to YouTube for people to access and download the information that we are seeking. (Sigh) that was alot….so like I said…. My Man!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  51. Do I need the VPN? It is asking me for a monthly payment. I want to download exodus onto my firestick…..

  52. Mr Electric M.D.
    I have followed your direction in your video to the “T” and can’t get the screen to add the word “Lazy”. My Kodi screen is different then yours. Pay for the IPVan and I can’t get into your movies. What am I doing wrong? Did I get the wrong Kodi? Plz help me my so frustrated! I have subscribe to your page and still not getting what you show in your video?

  53. Hello….Electrical M.D
    I really like your kodi and it is so Amazed and one thing I have issue with is:when I go to adults movies it asked me password or pin…
    If their it is please let me know..
    Thanks a lot and I always enjoy your kodi 18

  54. I can’t install exodus, its says something about the dependency on scripts

  55. The numbers you posted on the screen where different from what you called out

  56. I already have kodi 18 so this won’t work for me and I can’t find it anywhere please help.

  57. Nice video. Followed the steps (and waited) twice only to get “this is not a zip file.” Any solution for that?

  58. Thank you so much for your easy step by step tutorial on installing this awesome version. May I please get the code for the adult content? Thank you

  59. Hi there, I downloaded Kodi 18 and Xenon18 following the instructions and everything seems ok except I now get an error message 1 or more items failed to play, check the log for more info. I don’t know where the log is and I did reboot my firestick and that didn’t help. Please help me over this hump and get kodi back on line. Thanks

  60. Fantastic. Works great. Only if I can figure out which service or players are best to watch movies.

  61. Thank you so much for this video. I was going to give away my firestick and I was told about Kodi. It has been so hard to download and navigate it. I have watched a few of your videos and it’s has been a game changer for me. I even bought the ipvanisher. Thank you

  62. You guys want money for your services.Not kool at all.Do not trust this server.

  63. I keep getting an error message “Failed to install Add-o from zip” when I try to download the exodus zip

  64. This build works fine. Be prepared to be sold a VPN. Build nly includes Exodus 6 so if you are looking for all of the other options, music, sports, international and other movie providers; this is not your build.

  65. Thank you Electrical MD for your research and taking the time out to help others. Works perfect! Even a 👵🏽 like me can follow along and get it right 😊 ..You are an awesome teacher!

  66. When i try to turn on inknown sources in my lodi 18 it doesnt allow me to turn it on. Then when i go to file manager it just goes black. Why. Help

  67. Hey doc, what’s going on my man, so here’s the thing, I have a new fire stick that I am about to set up but there is a message on the screen telling me that home is currently unavailable right now y is this???

  68. I keep getting “Playback failed”. Do anyone know what I’m doing wrong or what do I do?

  69. Why am I getting the message when I try to play movie: to play this video authorization is required and I have to go to olpair.com?

  70. How do I email electrical md ? I load this exodus and I can’t even see one movie, it DOESNT work.

  71. I had to restore my fire stick to factory settings. Downloaded All the applications I had deleted however I don’t have a player installed. Can you tell me where I can find it in your store. Thank you

  72. Good morning. Can you send me other codes for media players.
    Thank you

  73. Hey Im Your Fan #1, I don’t know Why My Popcorn Time Doesn’t have audio

  74. Kodi ?
    I just wanna update but u have kodi 17.6, 17.6 w/ xenon, & 17.6 w/ Durex, 18 Alpha, Beta & kodi 18 over 50 built in builds I have chef kodi, kodi both are 17.6 & kodi 18 over 50……. also for some reason I can not get exodus…. thank you.

  75. Hey doc, what’s going on my man, so what the hell is going on teterium tv, I think I spelled that right anywho y is it say no data on any show that u wish to watch, all day!!!! what gives and how long does one have to wait????

  76. I really don’t kodi and I miss terrarium already. How do you search for a movie or TV show? I cannot figure it out

  77. Hey I’m trying to get Phoenix on my firrstick but I don’t see a video on ur channel can u help me out

  78. This was the perfect tutorial! Every step was clear and easy to follow. Plus it works like a charm. Thank you!

  79. I’m not getting Kodi 18 Leia…I have Kodi 17.6 Krypton and Kodi Leia 18 Beta version to pick from… Which one?? do I pick??

  80. Thankss brooooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  81. Exodus is not bringing up anything from the search menu. Everything I search comes back

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