Kodi On The Fire Stick


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  1. Hey thank you super easy to follow. How do we go back to other builds once we have chosen a build?

  2. I have the NVIDIA SHIELD…will this work on this too? Wish you would do videos on that device as it is a little different than the Amazon Fire stuff. I get a little lost sometimes. LOL

  3. How do I get wrestling on demand to work? I have updated my fire stick a few times with your new kodi builds. And every time my wrestling channel never work. Any suggestions???

  4. I got all the way to were i need to install Xenox and it’s frozen … i did get told to download diggz skin which i accepted was that wrong of me to do?

  5. Just a thought. You could include links to each segment of the process that you always re-do in each video for new-comers. Just refer them to the links to see each step then come back to see the new steps. This would shorten your videos for people who know the process. Or, include a timestamp for people to fast forward to. Thanks

  6. Electric md, the live strip club cam is not working. Can you help out ?

  7. Great video i personally like apks but when it comes to kodi i do keep it with a xenon or diggz build as a fallback the builds are great if u live your sports two thumbs up EMD

  8. Having trouble getting out of ths simplice build to go back to main screen to the other builds? Stuck in here and went down to exit and it don’t work? Please help, thank you

  9. Kodi keeps crashing for some unknown reason. Great build if it would stop crashing.

  10. Hey! I installed it and it kept crashing back to the home menu on my firestick, uninstalled, reinstalled and it’s still crashing. Any ideas what’s happening please?

  11. I keep getting an error, something about check the log. I have already uninstalled all Kodi versions twice and I keep getting the same error. Help!!!

  12. It looks like a nice build. I have a movie playing now. The buffering takes a very long time. I wish there was a fix for this. There is an add-on, but I don’t see how I can add it now that the new build’s in place. Any suggestions??

  13. When I try to get the login for the vpn nothing pops up it prompts me to pay for the service.

  14. Nothing works, in xenon and it goes back to home when I try to play something

  15. Ummmmm….. CHEF BUILD NEWS stuck on screen , havent even gotten to look at any of the builds…cant shut it down ,cant dismiss /remind me later….not in my happy place right now….

  16. I have an existing kodi 18 Alfa 1 with build but a resent update to the build requires Kodi 18 Lea RC5. How can i update this Kodi 18 alfa 1 to Kodi 18 Lea . I have two different Kodi 18 on my device, one is able to be updated.

  17. Okay, so I got it loaded. I downloaded urban essence, it’s not really working. So I decided to download emminice…well now I’m getting a skin switching error….help

  18. At 16:30 that pop up never appeared on my screen so I am not able to move ahead with the rest of the install. Also I noticed on your screen at the top you have movies. At the top of my screen I have tv shows. How do I move ahead from this point in the install?

  19. Hey download it but it keeps kicking me out when I go to watch something you need to do a technical video bro I’d even pay for it because it sucks to have it but nothing works

    1. Electrical RN said he d like too especially if they re giving away the graphics cards after they use them

  20. Bae, I am trying to help someone update their Kodi 17.0 to 17.6 on a Firestick and install Zenon After installing the Kodi Android Installer and selecting Kodi 17.6, I got a message “Kodi Android Installer” temporarily impaired due to android API change. In the interim please open your file explorer, navigate to “/storage/emulated/0/download” and install “Kodi 17.6-krypton-armeabi-v7a.apk”. How do I do that? I can’t go further. When I go to ES file manager on the home screen, I don’t see any such options.

    1. Not sure how you have managed to get that error, I d honestly say take the easier route download filelinked enter my store code and either download a fresh kodi 17.6 and do a manual install or use the Kodi Xenon

  21. Electrical M.D thank you for the great videos and updates.  Your store is awesome!!  Everything always works without any problems.  The Xenon build is the best I’ve ever used and I’ve been through a lot of junk builds.  Keep it up your the best out there!!!!!!!!!!! Peace Brother

  22. I got all the way to the end where you shut Kodi down & then reopen it and my screen remained blank…. it’s been 15 min

  23. Hello Electrical MD, I download this build, but it has been crashing, how do I solve that. Sometimes sudenly shots down and goes back to home screen. Thanks for your help

  24. I went through all if the steps however when i click on the kodi logo it says app not found. Cinema was installed successfully

  25. Worst build downloaded everything and it keeps freezing when I try to open it or when it doesnt freeze and it let’s me download one of the 9 builds it freezes there too, worst app/build of 2019. Fix ur stuff

  26. I keep going to to do the Fresh Install of The Chef, it starts to download but then I get an error message saying cannot be installed, I haven’t had a Kodi I can navigate in MONTHS, help please. Thank you.

  27. thank you for your quick response I tried xenon on my other fire stick and it worked I have a question though and do you get back to the main screen to add other builds

  28. I used to have the Durex build on my fire stick and I’d watch tv shows once the show had been shown on the actual network. I could also go to any network and watch previously aired shows. I can’t seem to find a Network button on any build. Am I just missing it ? I only see live tv.

  29. Just a quick question for I notice some of the streams are now saying Torrent!
    What’s that about ?
    Especially if I’m not using a VPN

  30. Love your videos, I seen Kodi 18 is on the list should I still download kodi 17.6?

  31. Downloaded this, installed it and setup the Xenon build. Worked great for one movie. Now whenever I open the Chef Kodi app it only stays open for 5 seconds then shuts down and goes to the device (shield tv) home screen. What am I missing?

  32. ok this may sound like a stupid question, but what do you mean buy “build”?

  33. This is the worst I’ve ever had on my fire stick all of these add ons crash! Xenon and Eminence are simply horrible… the last build that you had worked excellent… sir this sucks! Any suggestions…

  34. forget my previous comment i got passed that issue but hit a new one … diggz skin switcher error

    1. Its different for each build but usually it s either hitting ok on the weather icon, otherwise it s under settings

  35. Good video and nice looking build but so far xenon sucks! I’ve been installing builds for years now but man, it takes way to Long for anything to almost load and then… Nothing

  36. Thank you very much you are a Great teacher cause I don’t know what I’m doing but it works Great Build Great Job teaching me to do this and Thank you for your time. 😀

  37. I’ve installed this as an alternative to the Durex Build which I loved and doesn’t appear to be working anymore. There’s just too much content for me and everything is so slow even though my broadband speed is ok. Much prefer Durex. Anybody know what’s happened to it.

  38. Further to comment below I have installed the Xenon Build but unfortunately it keeps crashing. Please help!

  39. I’m a dumbass to all this. I keep getting openload bullshit and can’t watch anything

  40. Just wondering do I still have to do all the add ons after as well or are they built in as well

  41. Great vid. I went with the Eminence build from the jump after reading the comments. Thanks so much. My family and I officially canceled cable on 3.1.19. I discovered your channel last year. 😘

  42. The Kodi build never popped up on my screen, Is there an alternate way to get the program?

  43. Thanks so much!!!!!!! I love how you go step by step, thanks for putting in the work to deliver us the best builds!!! I appreciate what you do and my family!!!! Xoxoxo Best Kodi video in my book ❤️

  44. When I’m in the vault to pick a build, it doesn’t matter which 1 I pick, it always says working…..any advice??

  45. Is this legal? I’m going to get a firestick here pretty soon and I’ve heard about these free in theater movies. I just want to make sure this is legit. Thanks.

  46. I’m still kind of knew at all of this but fairly educated. I have a question though that may sound dumb to many of the experts on here but, I’m hoping someone can help me out by answering the question. Beings there are 9 builds in this install, can I install more then one and be able to switch back and forth?
    If so, is it stupid to do that or should I just stay with & use his favorite build of Xenon?
    Thank you all!!

  47. P.S. Does anyone know why I have no sound & just closed captioning? It began even before I downloaded/installed this Kodi. I have looked everywhere to find out how to fix this, in my Amazon Firebox settings, in the Xenon settings, etc and still nothing???

  48. I decided to go with the x1….but all it says is “working” in the bottom right corner and hasn’t done anything in almost an hour….what do I do??

  49. So are we supposed to be able to switch back and forth between builds? Cause I downloaded xenon real debrid and now everytime I open kodi it takes me straight to that build. Cannot get to the other builds.

  50. Omg thank you soooooooo much I was about to return it because no one shows you step by step and safety things you need thank you I really appreciate it

  51. The Chef’s Wizard ETA says like 218!!! I know I saw another video where some Indian guy had given a tip about what to do when the ETA is ridiculous, but I don’t remember what it was – any clue? At this rate it’s going to take DAYS to download!!!

  52. Hi there, I like this build but once I opened Xenon I can only see Xenon and not the other applications. Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong?

  53. I did run into trouble at first with an error message while attempting to download “The Chef” I had to Force Close the Kodi app (while in the Firestick settings) and Cleared the Cache and Data then Uninstalled. I then reinstalled, followed his instructions again and everything worked to a tea. I hope this helps someone because I started to get very frustrated especially after I purchased the VPN

  54. I have Kodi ver 18 Leila installed on my 4K Firestick. Every time I try to watch something the screen freezes, I guess it buffering. Sometimes it just stops and goes all the way back to the server list. I can’t get thru one tv show (The Flash) without sorting all over several times during the show and have to fast forward where is stop. My download speed at the time of screen freezing was 174mbps and upload was 10.5mbps. I don’t know what’s wrong. I did switch to the actual network within Kodi (CW) and tried watching flash there, still it hung up 2 or 3 times during the 45 mins.

  55. added the vault then chose the Xenon build. It just said working and spinning icon forever. Previously tried Xenon with real debrid. Same thing, nothing happened.

  56. I just installed. I keep trying to watch movies but it keeps telling me to pair with olpair. I’ve done that twice and the movies syl won’t play.

  57. I liked. I subscribed. I even used your link to pay for the vpn. And all I get is “need to authenticate openload” and won’t play any movies. Need help asap.

  58. Does it matter what build you’re on or do you need to update your Fire TV?

  59. Hi why is there a “Log” with memeory and cpu/android data/.com.Chef.Kodi etc. info showing in the upper left corner while watching a show? How can I remove it

  60. When I tried to download the build …it loaded all the way and then gave me a error notification…I did it 5 times and then I finally closed the ap and restarted my fire tv in hopes to start fresh..but the push notification that should pop up after opening kody is no longer popping up and I don’t know how to find the menue otherwise

  61. This is all advertising no thing works if you don’t buy the damn ipvanish!!!!

  62. Not working for me keeps kicking me off. Whenever I get to a movie just keeps going back to kodi screen

    1. Ooooooh, ok! Question though. Which sources can I use? I get that same OpenLoad error message with a variety of providers. I just got it with GOSTREAM RAPID VIDEO. Sorry, I’m new here!!

  63. Hi…I’ve uninstalled ans reinstalled, I’ve cleared tge cache….I’ve used eminence….it’s still shutting down and going back to the home screen on I choose a movie and a stream

  64. Hello electrical MD
    Why can’t I download the mx player pro or the tarrainium app. Please help me.

  65. Is it possible to switch in between builds to find what you like or don’t like ?

  66. I figured out the previous question should we update this to the latest version of Kodi ?

  67. Subscribe tooooooooo this MEN, he mate awsome videos to watch free movies and more

  68. I have a friend who works for FBI and u better take down all ur videos or he and/or they will be busting down ur door soon I letting everyone else know that heads up lol

  69. I tried 10 times to download this today. i cleared caches because it kept giving me an error then went to the standard download and still kept giving me an error. What’s the deal?

  70. I just purchased the new fire tv stick 4k and it is giving me and error on downloader when I try to put in the website. It works on my older stick but not the new one. I followed the steps exactly and went to different site to be sure downloader worked. Is there something else that may be blocking it? Error message says: an unknown error has occurred. Check your URL and connection.

  71. wow great support great vid glad I found this just starting this hobby cant wait to cut the cord

  72. Not getting any crashes. However no movie will play using Eminence or Xenon. It loads all the providers. Ive selected numerous different providers and it brings me back to the title menu to select a movie

  73. Does this build work with Android boxes?
    Could you please show how to get to this screen?

  74. It will not download. Keeps saying error, check event log. And there’s nothing there.

  75. Followed all of the instructions selected Xerox, final screen was not the same, I have weather forecast bar, rather than the features bar. How do you change?

  76. Hey Man great job, great explanation but like a few people i’m having trouble with the click and watch. I have seen on the net trouble with the VSHARE.EU it seems that the pairing of our device is a problem before watching. thxs

  77. I did everything but when I hit play, it goes back to Firestick homescreen help…

  78. Is there a reason why it would keep crashing on me. I’ll start a show or movie & I never know if it will completely kick me out of kodi. I’m lucky if I can get 5 minutes into it

  79. Do you have to pay for ipv? I can’t see the username and password you mentioned?

  80. I’m new to this and only add-on it’s showing is eminence rD. How do I go about getting the other add-ons?

  81. everytime i try to download the vault it keeps saying error..ivr paid for the username psswrd etc…whats going on..it starts downloading the then stop and i continue getting error from the chef

  82. It’s all very well having this many builds in one application, however the fire stick becomes extremely slow and after an hour of waiting for things to happen, I gave up and reset the stick. Thanks but it’s not for me, nice video though…

  83. Can I still use the HD version of KODI or will I have to delete that also???

  84. Help! When I launch Kodi, I do not get the pop up screen like you stated. What should I do now?

  85. I download everything correct the pop up did not come up after I opened up kodi what should I do please don’t say uninstall

  86. Always good video great step to step instructions. Your awesome. I need help! Plz.i down loaded kodi I downloaded n every time I go to download one of pax’s it kicks me off. I try to download xenon it will start downloading finishes the lick me out back to the fire stick home screen. Can you help?

  87. Thank you so much. I was able to download it now it’s time to try it out. My question is: once I choose a build let’s say XENON how do I get back to the screen to choose another build?

  88. I love your tutorial style! Very informative and you don’t drone on or ramble! The installation/video was very simple and easy, and I can’t wait to try out this version of Kodi!

  89. it works. Only issue i have is the speed of it. I have a fire box and a build i had before (DUREX wizard i think its called) ran way faster when you are in the menu screen trying to get to movies etc etc. The first build you suggested actually froze and crashed twice for me sadly. so i uninstalled. then RE installed and picked a “lighter build” that wasnt so harsh processing content. that was The Diggs XENON one. The vault looked hot but it was killing me with the slow interface smh. But anyway the movies seem to play great man. Great quality and no buffering. I watched Creed 2 first. Thanks for sharing the tip there. I subbed since last year

  90. My hats off to you for all of your hard work delivering us this content. So appreciative and thankful sir!


  91. I’ve downloaded this kodi 2x and can’t get a movie to play at all. It asking for permission on some. I think I’m just going to give up. 2 hrs if headaches.

  92. Man was killing it all the way up to 22.16 and crashed I didn’t get the pop up to install what can I do now stuck please help

  93. Ur way is bs it keeps kicking me outta kodi. I reset fire stick a million times. I don’t understand why someone cant make a easy video with short words straight to the point smh

  94. I followed you step by step but when I open Kodi it does not have any pop up. Idk what to you now.

  95. When it comes to installing IPVanished, it says, “App not installed”. Why’s that?

  96. I downloaded X1. It’s a simple layout, but requires you to go through several loops to get anything to actually play.

    Also, where’s the “search” button?! It’s easier for me to find certain movies & shows if I can “search” it

  97. Thinking about going with the vault but I too love my Kodi 17.6 Xenon starting out i watched a dzn fire stick vids yours is the best IMO thorough easy to follow with complete instructs it’s taken awhile to get it but now I’m able to load my family and friends for them thanks doc

  98. i completely give up. i watched and did this 3 Times. when i did the xenox it didnt come up with the movie screen. it came up with the weather forecast as the screen! im so frustrated

  99. I’m coming from having a Digistream Android tv box. I got it 2010, already preinstalled with Kodi, and it worked flawlessly up til like 8 months ago when I lost power n somehow my set up wizard got deleted. But that happened before with no issues, so maybe since I wasn’t using a VPN it got hacked or deleted somehow ( I hope that doesn’t sound stupid, cause I’m really not that KODI savvy, again it came pre-installed for me )

    Anyhow, I’ve been looking Android tv boxes again, and I believe I’m gonna go with an NVIDIA SHIELD (I believe that it is the best preforming Android tv box for KODI)

    Question for you though man- is there anyway I could reinstall KODI / any setup wizard on my Digistream Android tv box? I know you’re using firebox/ fire sticks but idk if this would work on Digistream ( btw Digistream is no longer an active company )

    I would really appreciate it if you, or anyone in the comment section, had any answers for me.

    Thanks in advance my people!!

    1. Please make sure to allow installation from unknown sources in settings and then just follow my video 🙂

  100. Is the VPN hidder needed? I never used one before and is it free?

  101. I just paid for the IPvanish and it doesn’t let me log in. Saying incorrect user and password.. 🙁

  102. None of the builds is downloading …it just say working on the bottom right corner.. what can I do

  103. Myn just keeps force closing on xenon when ever i try to watch somthing. Any ideas?

  104. I’ve tried xenon, eminence and X1 and it just sits on the “working” emblem at the bottom. Never downloads….

  105. I have the answer. My model is cold “basic”. Amazon just sells this shit in France !! I went on the amazon US, this model doesn’t exist……… I tried to order on the Us website your model, but they do not want to mail to France !!!😡😡😡😡

    1. Press the Home button to return to the Amazon Fire TV home menu.Navigate to the Settings menu.Select the Applications menu.Select Manage Installed Applications.Select Chef Kodi then press options  Select Clear cache.

  106. You do a great job everything I just had a ? How do you add wwe add one wrestling events Roh ppv how you add to this built. Thanks for your time keep up the god work

  107. Why do I have to go through so many steps just to watch a TV show or movie. And after trying several times it still doesn’t play. What am I doing wrong?

  108. Hi! Thank you for the video it’s awesome. However, I cannot get the Xenon skin to install how can I resolve this?

  109. Ive tried to delete this Kodi n install it back and it’s not working NOW

  110. i just loaded the build onto my firestick and installed my VPN. when I try to load the XENON I keep getting a Diggz skin switcher error and it won’t load any further. Any ideas how to resolve my issue?

  111. The pop up in kodi didn’t come up so I can add a build. What do I do?

  112. I like the setup. Unfortunately it keeps kicking me back to fire tv home screen. So guess doesn’t work well.

  113. If IPVanish will not start and cannot protect my stick any idea of how I can get refunded?

  114. When i go in to press Kodi and wait for the pop up to press continue, i never get the pop up. It stays on the screen were u have to enter files section or remove main menu item. What should I do from this point

  115. Sorry Electrical MD, Kodi was a complete FLOP. I only got into once, tried several builds and ALL came up chefs error. Tried clearing the cache, tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that’s when the real problems started. Once it was uninstalled and reinstalled I couldn’t get past the kodi home page I think it is. The first window we are told to wait for before clicking continue never came back up. I’ll have to try elsewhere.

  116. I didn’t have ur right but once i did i got a whole different site pop up smh

  117. Xenon crashes kodi, no movies or tv show loads. The one click feature isn’t one click… am i doing something wrong?

  118. In one of your videos you made mention of a wireless key board that you use. Which one do you suggest?

  119. The vault build wont load. It keeps popping up a error message (The Chef Wizard error) Can someone please tell me what is going on.

  120. 20 mins of installation to then click on a movie and get kicked out of kodi. Don’t waste your time with this

  121. Every time I try to watch a movie or TV show it kicks me back to the main screen whole weekend off and haven’t been able to watch anything 🙎🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Yes, but they do have different options for payment such as monthly or annually etc

  122. While I’m using xenon looking for movies it keeps closing and taking me to firestick home screen. What can I do to fix the problem?

    1. Please try either clearing the cache on chef kodi or try the Eminence build

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