9 thoughts on “How to install Fusion & Hub Wizard

  1. Thanks Naresh! For anyone else installing on a Fire Stick, the Android
    config worked for me and the Fire TV did not…

    1. Hi Naresh, thanks for the reply. It’s all working fine thanks to your
      instructions. I was surprised that I had to use the android config rather
      than the Fire TV ones as I have it installed on a Fire TV stick.

    2. +Mark Fothergill whey don’t you try TVMC pre-configured KODI for andorid

  2. I have down loaded and installed all the addons , and it works fine , BuT!
    every time I closed down my Laptop I have to reinstall Kodi again as the
    link has gone. Yet the files are still there . So what is going on pls ?
    I’m on windows 7

  3. I have a windows 7 PC and installed KODI 15.1
    When I get to installing Fusion for Windows it comes up with an error and
    say more details can be found in the log file
    How do I find the log file?

  4. I tried 3 other tutorials before yours with no luck. Yours worked the first
    time. Great job!

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