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How to Install Genesis

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The best and easiest way to install Genesis on XBMC/Kodi.

Updated guide for Kodi 15 Isengard

-Open Kodi
-Select SYSTEM —) File Manager
-Select Add Source
-Select None
-Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
-Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source & type Fusion
-Select OK
-Go back to your Home Screen
-Select SYSTEM
-Select Install from Zip File
-Select Fusion or whatever you named the repo
-Select xbmc-repos
-Select english
-Select repository.lambda-1.1.0.zip
-Wait for Add-on enabled notification
-Select Get Add-Ons or Install from Repository (on Isengard)
-Select lambda Add-on repository
-Select Video Add-ons
-Select Genesis
-Select Install
-Wait for Add-on enabled notification

Genesis is now installed and ready to use. As usual you can access the add-on via your Video add-ons section

The menu has changed slightly but Lambda is still there.
XBMC Repos—)English—-)Lambda.
The only difference is you need to click on English.

How to Clean install OSX YOSEMITE:

How to install Fusion & Hub Wizard on XBMC to get all the best sources!!!:

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18 thoughts on “How to Install Genesis

  1. I’ve got this working on many devices, but on my android 5.01 phone I can’t
    find the zip Golders to install. Why

    1. +raybansandfedora thanks for the reply, I get it now. I had added the addon
      via programs/file instead of systems/file, thus systems couldn’t see the

    2. +2012nimrod I’m not sure. I see it the zip folder on my Nexus 7 running

  2. The lambda file I find under repos is slight different. It’s
    lambda-1.1.0.zip. Will I have a problem using this version?

    1. +Christopher Gayle Nope not at all. It’s the latest version. That’s the one
      that I’ve got running on my Kodi today.

  3. i figured out that if the add ons menu doesn’t pop up, go to install from
    repository and it is in there

    1. +raybansandfedora WE GOT IT!!!!! Your freaking awesome! Thank you for your

    2. +raybansandfedora Why didn’t you make a new video with the new information.

    3. +Brianna Card ‘Get Add-ons’ is now ‘Install from repository’. So click on
      Install from repository and you’re good.

    4. +raybansandfedora You are correct. Every step until you get to the part
      where you go to “get add-ons” works. But then after lambda is enabled
      there’s no get add-ons button. I’m so lost!

    1. +Lot Planting Hi, the video is a bit dated. You’re better off installing
      Exodus and Specto as they have replaced Genesis.

    1. +CookieQuester Genesis is dead, it has been replaced with Exodus which

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