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How to Install Kodi 18.0 on Amazon Firestick!! NEW January 2019 Install


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This is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to install kodi on your amazon firestick 4K, fire tv or fire tv cube. No computer or laptop required for this. (install Kodi with no computer)

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Kodi 18 Leia / 17.6 / 17.5.1 / 17.5 / 17.4 / 17.3 / 17.2 / 17.1


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98 thoughts on “How to Install Kodi 18.0 on Amazon Firestick!! NEW January 2019 Install

  1. Okay so I did everything he said to do but I’m not getting anything about movies or tv shows

    1. You have to put addons he was just showed how to put kodi it not hard just search kodi addons in you tube

  2. Actually Doc, you DID rather rush through this and left many with unanswered questions. I’m guessing many of us (MOST) are here because we already have Downloader and filelinked. I have a few questions. I already have an earlier version that’s a full Kodi build (Collusion) and it still works great. Is there any reason at all for me to switch to 18? (I feel like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?) Thanks in advance. 🙂 PS: I also use IPVanish any time I use Kodi or any of my other APKs. The other day I forgot to disconnect from it and what clued me in was trying to watch an amazon movie and got a message something like “unable to play” for whatever reason…then I disconnected IPVanish, waited a few seconds and VOILA! 😉

  3. i get an error message after downloading that says ‘this app is not compatible with your tv’ but i tried it on 2 different tv’s, different models and get the same error message. Can you help, I’m new to the firestick and downloading

  4. Hi heres a query on my firestorm I keep getting the popup saying unsupported browser link. How can I stop this from appearing. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work. Regards Mark Jackson

  5. Once I get the the Doc Squiffy web site n click on DOWNLOAD, a black box pops up stating that. An unknown error has occurred. Check your URL and connection….. How do I get pass that. What am I doing wrong. My firestick is the 4k one….

  6. You have me kod I but I can’t do anything with it if just a blanket build who needs that. Defeats the whole purpose of having it.

    1. Kodi is a media player , so once you have it is to access your own media or to do whatever else you want to do with it

  7. Hey man, you probably should have told us kodi 18 was in beta and you can watch barely anything on there. You wasted alot of my time because from what ive seen you cant download 17.5 if 18 is on the firestick already.

  8. Already downloaded Kodi before but gradually stopped using it as it started to never find any streams anymore. Followed this tutorial and it’s still saying no streams available for anything that I want to watch. Help

    1. Search troypoint on YouTube he has good pointers but cinema HD apk is what he suggests with kodi. I’m just networking lol

    1. +Doc Squiffy He said the same thing. But I don’t want to harm the firestick, I’d rather wait.

      I do want to know how I can make buffering better to where it’s not as bad. I had it great but there were ad-ons I didn’t recognize and I deleted something by mistake. Had to factory reset.

      I failed to like the video I watched or add it to my playlist. I know it has something to do with supremacy build maintenance tool.
      If you could help with that thanks

  9. Thanks for the video. I followed everything on this tutorial but I get an error message when trying to download Kodi. It says something like “An unknown error has occurred….” Any ideas why

    1. I made a video on this to fix , check my channel, or u need to go into manage applications, select downloader , hit clear data , then re open downloader and accept permissions and then do it all again

  10. I’m not able to download MX Player, I’m only given 1 option and I get a message saying can’t be downloaded

  11. easy to follow. thank you. where would i find live tv that actually has NEWS channels? I used to find them under Mobdro but now it’s empty. Any suggestions?

  12. Not helpful for those who have to go through the actual download process. Many don’t know to choose the Android setting and what options to choose after that.

  13. So easy!!!! Thank you so much. Hopefully it works now.. I had the old one.. 3 updates ago and its full of foreign films 🙈

  14. If you ask me to subscribe one more time or hit the like button I’m going to puke you talk too much

  15. Just downloaded kodi by following the instructions in your video! Easily the best video for Kodie on Youtube. Simple. Took 10 min MAX. Thanks Doc!

  16. I enabled developer options as per the video, after searching for downloader ,,, o don’t get downloader app

  17. triyed to get on your app page on my fire stick says Error not found check your URL PLS help me out thanks anyone no what am doing wrong

  18. I have the flu and this was easy and simple! I was able to install Kodi in between my toilet visits!

  19. I did the download and it worked thank you for this video….. ^_^

  20. Great video, I followed all the information but when I get to the downloader it did not open. It said purchase failure. What should I do

  21. I love watching all kinds of APK download videos. (As long as the content provider isn’t plugging a VPN) which really isn’t necessary for scraping movies.

  22. Haven’t finished the install yet but so far this is the easiest installation I’ve done of Kodi. Good vid so far

  23. I can’t install downloader, says unavailable, means no option do download.. Can you help

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