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This is a video tutorial showing how to


  1. okay I checked it out seems good all over do you have MTV Lebanon cuz I’m
    looking for that when I didn’t see it in the list also is there a way I can
    check these out like for a few days to see if I like this change cuz I
    don’t mind paying but you know as I do know sling TV is part of Dish
    Network which you know I would rather pay for something that I know is not
    going to go down because I’m not saying your stuff is bad but it’s not for
    me anyways I don’t watch Arabic TV so I don’t want to pay for something and
    then it goes down well they’re over and you know here and makes me look bad
    so let me know if there’s any way I can test it out and if you can get MTV
    then I’d be more interested in buying it let me know thank you

  2. what’s up man got a question not sure if you’ve used it before but do you
    know anything about sling TV basically I’m asking because they have Arabic
    channels and they’re part of Dish Network and only like $25 a month another
    might be steep for some people but honestly the Arabic channels on the Kodi
    box has been down lately and I’m just tired of having to for some people
    but honestly the air but a was on the Cody box has been down lately and I’m
    just tired of having to wait to see if it works of a dozen work I would
    rather pay for something that I know works and I know if it’s part of DISH
    Network than its real its not thing to be the same as the Cody were it
    actually does work so let me know your thoughts if you’ve used it if you
    know anything that I can pay for that’s not expensive that does get most of
    their with channels I would be down to do it just like the news or bad
    channels like elders zero future TV MTV oh TV you know stuff like that let
    me know your thoughts thanks

  3. what’s up man just watch the live stream where Joe nobody was getting
    threatened by I guess Dexter that’s some BS right there I totally agree
    that’s some sad stuff he’s obviously jealous and sorry for posting this but
    this is only place I thought I could post it but I think it’s stupid but I
    mean you know the sad part is What if after he makes the video for it and
    mentions an add-on what if he blocks him or what if he does take out down
    and stuff if I was you I would tell I guess Joe to make a backup of his
    stuff in case it does get taken down to let all his followers know that if
    something does happen you know he needs to be ready in case something does
    happen anyways never let your enemy know what you’re going to do always be
    ahead of your enemy basically so I don’t know I’ll probably ride him I
    think it’s sad but I’ll write him and let him know but I appreciate all the
    hard work you guys are doing keep it up

  4. Thanks for the add ons , how can I download HBO, star etc on hasham and
    most of the online tv do nt work any fix for them

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