Jarvis 16


Tutorial by Solo Man: Upgrade to Kodi Jarvis 16.0


  1. Wasted 5 minutes listening to you drone on but not tell us how to upgrade
    kodi without losing anything as title suggests. You have a lot of
    followers, so I guess you know your stuff, but please edit the title as
    it’s misleading.

  2. Solomon does it again my intelligent brother, gotta love your channel, I
    learned everything from you brother, thank you and now I’m having an issue
    with a sony box, model Nsz-gs7 it won’t let me download kodi even 14 older
    version or the latest version, even through Google playstore, it fails to
    open or download Google applications I added a new Google account cleared
    cached and data from google, added numerous ones, also added a bank credit
    card to my Google account, I keep getting this error that failed to
    retrieve from server, I haven’t seen anything like this from, if you know
    anything about andriod google boxes, can you please recommend how to fix
    this box because I even called sony they told me the warranty period has
    expired and they cannot help me, this box currently on sale on amazon but
    lot of people are having Samilair problem, some do fix it but don’t relieve
    how, please brother help me and I’m willing to donate to your channel, it’s
    either I pay you or someone else so I’d rather make a small contribution
    since I’m sick and do not work at this point but once I do work I’ll be
    able to make bigger contributions, I have asked several of my friends and
    family to follow you on your channel so chances are they are already
    subscribed to your channel and following you from different places in the
    world, keep rocking brother and happy new year #AhmadOmari

    1. +Ahmad Omari
      So are have you decided to give up for good on it? I.E., throw it
      away/sell it to a sucker?
      There are Android boxes for sale all over the place, and you could build
      your own – running whatever OS you want.

    2. +Douglas Gross​ so instead of using the box itself I’ll have to connect the
      box to a computer and download some type of firmware? that the other person
      recommended but there’s no option for download on that sir it’s just tells
      you to update it within the box itself and if I do that it won’t let me
      download applications, so I tried for a day and gave up on it, now it’s
      sitting in my room somewhere

    3. +Douglas Gross​ hey doug tried everything sir didn’t work, I went onto my
      box and went into settings and clicked on update its telling me it’s
      updated already but I’m having troubles downloading applications from
      Google playstore, thanks for reminding me I’ll call and ask Sony and see
      what they say

    4. +Ahmad Omari I hope you’re all fixed by now, but if not I say you just need
      to read more about the official firmware update process. I have a Minix
      box, and to start with the firmware had to be updated by connecting the box
      to a computer. Thankfully, after that the newer firmwares can flash just by
      using the update app right on the box. Best of luck, it sounds like you’re
      in a terrible mess.

    5. +SuperBayaz
      I figured it out its a firmware that needs to be downloaded but the
      question is how do I download it? because I can’t use chrome downloader on
      the box unfortunately it won’t open files, everytime I try to download
      files it keeps saying download cannot open or gives me another type of
      error, also if I download it onto my computer and still plug this box and
      try to open it to the box how am I supposed to open brother? that’s the
      last step you gotta help me with man, I don’t mind depositing like 20 bucks
      into your account for helping me and your time it’s not much but it could
      buy you couple of beers a pack of cigrette some gasoline or something else

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