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Install and Setup KODI 15.2 RC1

Today we Install and Setup KODI 15.2 RC1. Alot of you have told me that your having problems setting up kodi versions 15.1 and above so we gave Kodi 15.2 a try.

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5 thoughts on “Install and Setup KODI 15.2 RC1

  1. some one waqnt to tell me why when i try to download koi 15.2 it tells me
    its damaged and to throw it into the trash ! wont download !!

  2. How to fix KODI keeps restart every minute? Please help! Thank you very
    much in advance.

  3. can i athelstan ask ? can help me get my kodl15.2rc1 working a window is
    poping up

  4. you copy and pasted with the space in front of the http when you copied the
    website for fusion.

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