Kodi On The Fire Stick


Do you want to know how to install the newest Kodi 18.0 on the Amazon Firestick?

With the new February 2019 update, KODI 18.0 is stable and running great! Install Kodi 18 on your Amazon Firestick! Also, reroll and install Kodi 17.6 on firestick in Kodi 18 is having problems.

This is the quickest and best way to install Kodi on your amazon firestick, 4k, fire tv or fire tv cube. With this method, no computer is needed for the installation. (install kodi with no computer)
No limits on kodi 18 is the best builds of feb 2019! Also, did you know you can get Kodi 18 on xbox? Crazy!

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61 thoughts on “INSTALL KODI 18 on Firestick *NEW* NO LIMITS BUILD (2019 INSTALL)

    1. gerry mason I kept getting that message as well so I uninstalled Kodi installed it again and then followed the steps.

  1. Thanks for everything good job👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. My kodi is lagging really hard, is there something I can do about this ? Mind you when I had 17.6 it didn’t go slow

  3. This is by far the best fastest install video i have ever seen on youtube even better than MCHANGA she does a great job also. but your video is super clear and concise and gets right to the point i have subscribed and will be looking out for other videos you upload! thanks very much.

  4. When I am waiting for all the pop ups to clear after selecting install from zip file..one pops up saying it add-on failed. And it just stays on that page. What did i do wrong?

    1. I’m getting the screen we’re at the very top says downloader with an arrow pointing down at a line it’s asking me for a URL or website that I want to load?

  5. I’ve tried it twice and I keep the same error message other people are getting

  6. Should the Lite version be loaded onto 4K firestick, as it only has 1.5GB RAM?

  7. Grea video however, I get a …. “no limits wizard 18 error” message. I’m unable to complete the process. Any suggestions?

    1. Force stop kodi app, clear cache, go back into kodi then highlight the build app and install from zip again. Make sure correct build for kodi your using

  8. Any problems or errors to do with zip file, do the following as it normally works for me, also make sure your selecting the correct build type for the kodi your using. Force stop kodi app, clear cache, go back into kodi then highlight the build app and install from zip again if it still does it use the different no limits build.

  9. Very well put together tutorial – took 3 or 4 attempts to get the down loader to install but that’s not your fault and I got there with a little patience . . . Thank you. Now lets see what it can do and if I can get my Sky Sports channels here in the UK . . . .

    1. Nope! It’s very much alive! It was revived in December of 2018. Still waiting on a 2nd update.

  10. Just installed 2 Firesticks with Kodi 17.6 no limits magic, great video also funny towards the end, im working on my third, great job

  11. I can’t get pass the code part..it just says getting a few things ready…for the last 10 mins…

  12. Wow I love the build,your step by step instructions were great,your the best,thank U so much

  13. Once I followed the directions I was still unable to get any movies on the fire stick.

  14. Thank you so much. I’ve watch like 3 other videos and nothing worked. Thank you so so much!!!!!

    1. Hey Crystal! Thank you so much for the comment! I appreciated the positive feedback 😀 😀 😀

  15. Make sure to click “plugin.video.nolimitswizard18.zip” at time mark 8:37 or you may get an “18” error. The top build option is for Kodi 17.6 Krypton.

  16. Sending me a message. Couldn’t retrieve directory information.. Any suggs?

  17. when clicking pay buttons and install button it starts to install then error app not installed pops up also with Terrarium any suggestions?

  18. So I’ve went thru EVERY BUILD, it downloads the 273.19mb but I get no prompt to restart. I’ve tried force closing afterwards and nothing, I then clear cache, clear data and uninstall. And do it all over to get the same thing with each build…

  19. after install from zip file pop up popped up saying installed the nothing happens?

  20. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I understand Kodi is a huge app. By any chance can you have a tutorial to show how to actually use Kodi? I click on shows and they don’t work.

    1. Hey Lisa, I agree. Kodi does take long to load. I mainly use apps like Cyberflix TV. I think its easier to use.


  22. Thanks for the step by step it went well, now I’ll see how well it works..

  23. Simple and the fastest one I’ve seen.  It works well, too.  Great job.

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