5 thoughts on “KODI 14.0 Helix with TVAddons ADDONS & IPTV (January

  1. Husham….man I need gotham 13.2 or helix 14.2 for my old apple tv2. I have
    looked all over and cant find it.
    Any ideas?

  2. Husham in in U.S.A and Shahid is not working how do i uninstall and
    reinstall a working Shahid

  3. hey man I just bought a digi box and add all the add ons with it and I saw
    this video and I downloaded fusion and it changed my whole background and
    everything, it now has the same add ons or a few different ones but now a
    few of them are not working , I’m guessing it’s becuse of the url. is this
    the latest and why is fusion better then what I had? I think my configure
    was digi wizzard. ?

  4. this has to be one of the most complicated programs and one of the worst
    ways of watching tv.

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