kodi 16 jarvis download


In this first video of the series, we discuss Kodi. What it is, where to get it and how to get the


  1. I am also a new install with Jarvis 16.0 My first question is that when l
    open Kodi it adsorbs the entire screen, is there a way l can re size the
    screen so l can access my desktop for regular use so l can use my programs
    like FB and email etc?.. l watched the above vid and will try to orgnize
    the add ons as you showed… Fantastic video thank you

  2. hy I need a litle help i got the issue that is i cant download somthing
    from fusion addon and it sey to me ”addon instaler problem” can you help
    me plz

  3. nice to see you masde some peeps happy – its fun for me to see as a veteran
    in the hobby from hu days – nice tutorial, keep ’em comin’! hope to see one
    on how to configure pvr client stalker and epg for nfps clients who will
    have to input user id and pass to connect to their “now” p$ servers

  4. after 2 days/8 hrs of watching youtube vids here, many major headaches,
    complaining to my oldest son/38, who refused to do it for me (so I can
    learn myself) I understood and downloaded programs to kodi.. omggg – MANY

  5. Hi, First of all Thanks for sharing this great tutorial video but
    unfortunately it seems like i cant enjoy kodi soon. ,please help, i am
    stuck at exactly at 3:40 mark on the video ,when i click on install i get
    error messages saying addons install error and it stops there. i cant
    install the addons please. my system is windows 10 64 bite. packard bell
    laptop.upgraded from windows 7.

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