kodi 16 jarvis download

KordKutters 18: Kodi 16, codenamed Jarvis

This week the Kordkutters take a look at the features of Kodi 16 so far.

6 thoughts on “KordKutters 18: Kodi 16, codenamed Jarvis

  1. Not a fan of having to look at you two instead of full screen view of what
    you are reviewing.

  2. Can you make a video on how to update Kodi on Raspberry Pi 2 while keeping
    the settings before the update? I really don’t want to setup all my shows
    etc… all over again.

  3. Hi Kordkutters
    Great work guys. could you please add support for the Zappiti 4k player at
    the moment the resolution is locked @ 720p

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