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The newest Install Wizard for The Beast on KODI / XBMC

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6 thoughts on “The newest Install Wizard for The Beast on KODI / XBMC

  1. just a note, you keep saying “back slash” but it is actually fwd slash that
    is used. Hope some ppl don’t get confused.

    1. +Maestro W – I had to look that one up, but you are correct 🙂 – Learn
      something new every day. I’ll try and remember it in future videos – thanks.

  2. why cant i install it straight from my firestick. the link wont show up

  3. I just bough a MX3 4K android box and install a fresh version of kodi v16.
    the first thing i did was install the beast and i get a error when it tries
    to restart at the end. i close kodi and unplug it. when i restart kodi i
    get the basic start up and the basic user interface but under the folders
    it show genius and other add-ons. what am i doing wrong?

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