3 thoughts on “UFC 197: Cejudo Full Blast at UFC 191

  1. Dana: Get back to work! What the hell are you doing?

    Conor: I’m retiring

    Dana: Thank God, Diaz would beat your ass again. Here, take a $500k and
    have fun homie.

    Conor: Thanks for the $$$$$.

    Dana: THATS MY BOY! (weidman’s dad quote)

    3 hours later …..

    Lorenzo: Oh shit, we lost Conor! What we gonna do?!

    Dana: Hire Travis Browne to injure Miesha Tate and strip her title and then
    convince Ronda to fight Nunes for the vacant title. Hurry!

  2. What Henry Cejudo really thinks of this fight “yeah I could beat them
    both.” Dude is whack and will get dominated on Saturday.

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