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UFC 197: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 197: Jones vs. Saint Preux post-fight press

3 thoughts on “UFC 197: Post-fight Press Conference

  1. Jesus Christ why does every mother fucker say “You know” every other 5
    words? It’s so annoying speak some proper English and properly articulate
    your point without saying “You know” you know?

  2. Somebody shut Dana up…if Jones didnt look like the P4P best then George
    Saint Pierre never ever in his career looked like the P4P best with his
    Saintly “lay and pray/prey” 5 round borefests in which he never finished
    fighters. Bones fought like a defensive genius using offensive kicks,
    elbows, punches, faints, and wrestling.

    He couldve finished the fight by wrestling OSP like most fighters finish
    OSP but he clearly chose to pick Ovince apart in a 5 round fight that would
    show his own gas tank capability after gaining muscle. Fighting Ovince in
    the championship rounds was like take a puppy out for a walk for
    Bones…finishing OSP clearly wasnt something he felt like he desperately
    needed to do and the judges clearly agreed with that powerfully convincing
    unanimous decision.

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