3 thoughts on “UFC 200: Daniel Cormier Backstage Interview

  1. I don’t give a fuck if you use “he did what he needed to win” excuse. It’s
    a non-title fight, against a 41 year old past his prime on 2 day notice on
    UFC 200! Anderson came in, untrained and coming off of surgery to save the
    show and Cormier fights to not lose.

  2. I understand why people were booing. It was a disappointing, and once
    anderson got up and threw some kicks and knees the crowd got amped and then
    Cormier took him down again…. End of the day, DC plays into what favors
    him, even though it’s not the most entertaining for a crowd.

  3. Yeah, I am going to stand and trade with the GOAT just for fun. It doesn’t
    matter that I can take him down and have my way with him. I will stand so I
    give him a chance to win. – Said no motherfucker ever. All you DC haters
    can suck a dick.

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