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UFC 207 – Ronda Rousey Promo

Beautiful. She’s hurts, she’s hurt. Ohhhhh. Head kick. Holly looking to finish. Holly Holm is the new UFC bantamweight champion of “the worlds”. Oh my god. Round number two, declaring the win by knockout and new undisputed UFC bantamweight champion of “the worlds” Holly the’ Preacher’s daughter’ Holm. Ronda’s a champion. She’s an nobility player and she’s one of the better express of judo we’ve ever seen in all of mma. I can see Ronda absolutely making a go at the name again. Absolutely. Absolutely being a champion again. She’s one of best available in “the worlds” without doubt about it. I look around it’s the most amazing ego and I realize this is my home in “the worlds” and I adore it and I’m great at this, I’m the better at this and I cant just waiting get back in here again and that’s always my consider. Well the thing that everybody’s been waiting for for a good year, Ronda Rousey is back ..

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